Teleste Visual passenger information

Our passenger information software has been designed for more reliable, easier to manage, better to maintain and, in terms of content, even more exciting passenger information. The passenger information software hubs guarantee that relevant information is available for passengers at every step of their journey.

Key benefits

Excellent overview of all processes and alerts

Our visual passenger information software provides you an excellent overview of all system processes and alerts at a glance with a comprehensive and yet simple dashboard.

Fast access to every display

You can get a fast access to every display within your system and check the status of the currently visualized contents with Display Hub.

Easy generation of text messages

You can easily generate text messages for every incident occurring during everyday operation using Info Hub.

Reliable monitoring of vehicles

Reliable monitorin of vehicle positions and deviations from the schedule is enabled through Monitor Hub and its smart tables and digital maps.

Comprehensive content management

Media Hub enables comprehensive content management system for videos, graphics and text messages.

Sophisticated management of service tickets

Sophisticated management of service tickets with Service Hub guarantees high-quality operation of all system components.

Teleste Stationary solutions

All stationary systems

All our stationary systems are designed for the delivery of an excellent door-to-door experience to passengers.