Media content management

High resolution displays at stops and onboard trains and busses are excellent means to visualise also high-quality media content. Exciting layouts with texts, images and videos can be used for public health recommendation, advertisement campaigns and traffic-related advice. Our Media Hub is a superb content management tool for exactly these purposes.

Key benefits

Support for versatile content and displays

Media Hub features excellent management of texts, pictures and videos for high resolution TFT and RGB LED displays.

Easy creation of playlists

Media Hub enables fast and reliable creation of playlists for information and advertisement purposes.

Intuitive user interface

Our web-based and intuitive user interface is designed for speedy creation and filtering of stored media campaigns and complete media repositories.

Plan and manage future campaigns

Reliable execution of future information campaigns is enabled by an advanced campaign planner.

Telesta Central software

All software hubs

Our central software includes a full range of software modules for display control, vehicle monitoring, information and content management.