Palomino IP to PAL

Teleste Palomino II is a modular IP-to-analogue TV and IP-to-FM radio converter that provides high-quality analogue TV and FM radio signals in several modulation standards. The versatile Palomino II can manage 8 analogue TV channels in one module, thus enabling up to 24 channels in a compact 1 RU housing. One IP-to-FM module can modulate up to 40 FM radio channels.

Features at a glance:

  • High-quality modular design for IP to analog TV and FM radio conversion
  • Fully digital design for the highest performance
  • Agile high power RF output for most efficient RF spectrum usage
  • Multi norm TV RF modulator (PAL B/G, I, D/K, SECAM D/K, L, NTSC M)
  • High-density FM radio modulator with RDS encoder
  • NICAM and analog stereo sound with numerous audio modes
  • HD and AC-3 down conversions as standard
  • Intuitive WebUI for configuration
  • Versatile signal and unit monitoring options
  • Input source and link redundancy as standard features
  • In-chassis power supply redundancy (optional)
  • Quad Common Interface module with diverse routing options
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Teleste offers a variety of accessories including both active and passive modules and power solutions. The accessories are designed and tested for Teleste broadband equipment. Find the products that suit you and get more of your network.

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